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Our Foundations

The Head of Higher Ground Church is Jesus Christ, pure and simple. There is no other.

Our leaders make decisions in the interest of encouraging maturity among those who come to Higher Ground Church, but such decisions are simply the exercising of our calling to help others gain a closer relationship with God, serve others for the cause of Christ, or perhaps discover that God exists for the first time. Higher Ground Church's cohesive vision, stemming from the Word of God and the obvious needs among believers, skeptics, and those on the fence, was laid as the foundation of Higher Ground Church from the beginning. We believe that this vision is of God, and we look for the continuous guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Founder's Statement

I was called to the Lighthouse Point / Deerfield Beach / Pompano Beach area in 1999 to serve this community for Christ. The original sole purpose of my presence in Florida was to volunteer at Grace Assembly, an Assemblies of God Home Missions Church in Pompano Beach. It was to my surprise when God discouraged me from returning to the Connecticut-based A.G. church where I had been involved with Christian Education. Now it is time to serve the area by planting a new church.

May the center of Higher Ground Church be You, Lord. May we always exalt you alone in all we do, say, and refrain from doing and saying.

Douglas Decicco, Founder of Higher Ground Church


Douglas's Bio

Douglas Decicco has twenty-five years of ministry experience, beginning at Crossroads Community Cathedral in East Hartford, Connecticut, where he served as Youth Leader, Junior High School (Middle School) Youth Pastor, and Singles Pastor. He then moved to Florida to work within the Youth Department of Grace Assembly of God in Pompano Beach, Florida, and became Youth Pastor there. He served as Youth Pastor and then Drama Pastor at Winston Park Church in Coconut Creek, Florida. He has served in various other teaching, counseling, and preaching capacities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Florida and has provided significant financial support for missions activities on five continents. He is currently authoring two Christian publications detailing some of his cutting-edge perspectives on biblical reformation within the evangelical church. He is a graduate of Global University's Ministerial School, a former student at L'Abri Fellowship in Southboro, Massachusetts, and an Advanced Toastmaster Bronze. His creative direction of plays, comedies, independent feature movies, holiday musicals, expressive dances, and media pieces brings a level of creativity to his ministry that is refreshing.

His salvation experience was as a young adult, and has had a pronounced conversion of attitude and belief. Consequently he is familiar with both contemporary postmodern culture and the experience of conversion and subsequent dilemmas for the unchurched. Douglas has led weekend personal evangelism workshops and has led numerous people to Jesus, not only from the pulpit, but also during individual discussions and through his published writing.

Douglas Decicco has served as Primary Counselor and Coordinator of the Intensive Outpatient Program of Christian Recovery Solutions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is an expert in the biblical roots of the Twelve Steps used internationally as tools of recovery from dozens of forms of addiction and compulsion.

As a former United Technologies research team member and IT Architecture and Design Consultant, Douglas has technical and administrative abilities that are useful for the smooth running of and effective communication within Higher Ground Church.

Douglas Decicco trying out a drum kit for the church

On Preaching

If the congregation agrees wholeheartedly with everything the preacher says, then the preacher is not doing God's work. Good preaching should challenge existing perspectives.

On Christian Purity

God has revealed Himself in the Bible, and in these scriptures has communicated what must be done and from what we must refrain to live a life worthy of eternity. Yet we can begin this eternal life before we have corrected our life by simply recognizing Jesus as the Son of God who can lead us through forgiveness and into a walk with the Holy Spirit toward that new life. Thank God that this is true and has been clearly communicated through the parable of the Prodigal Son, or many of us in Christian service would not be qualified to lead anyone to eternity.

May we, for the effectiveness of our ministry and the glory of God, each find a greater purity of heart and mind day by day.

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